BAJA Trade and Investment

Federal Incentives

The Federal Government works with the Secretariat of Economy and particularly with ProMexico and with the support of all Federal Government units, for promotion of exports and attraction of foreign direct investment, in order to consolidate Mexico as a leader in Latin America and among emerging economies.

This joint effort is a response to the country’s needs to increase exports, as well as to the states that aim to increase and diversify the projects of the sectors at which foreign investment is directed, aside from increasing attraction efforts in countries with a high investment potential.

Consequently, and with the concern of consolidating Mexico as a country of interest for foreign direct investment, a package of incentives has been designed for companies that choose to invest in our country. The most relevant incentives are listed below:

Incentive Programs for Foreign Trade

Refund of Import Taxes for Exporters (DRAWBAK)

This incentive offers the possibility of receiving a refund of the General Importation Tax paid for the goods incorporated to export merchandises.

Decree for the Encouragement and Operation of the Maquiladora Export Industry (IMMEX)

The IMMEX program is an instrument through which necessary goods can be temporarily imported to be utilized in an industrial process, or as a service related to the elaboration, transformation, and repair of merchandise of foreign origin imported temporarily for their export or export service provision, without covering the General Importation Tax payment, the value added tax (IVA) and, if applicable, the anti-dumping duties.

Sector Promotion Programs (PROSEC)

The sector promotion programs (PROSEC) are an instrument aimed at merchandise producing legal persons, through which it is permitted to import, with ad valorem preferential tariff (Importation General Tax), several goods to be utilized in the elaboration of specific products, regardless if the merchandises are destined for export or for the local market.

New Scheme of Certified Companies (NEEC)

The New Scheme of Certified Companies (NEEC), is a program that aims to enhance security in the logistical chain of foreign trade through the implementation of internationally acknowledged minimum standards in security in coordination with the private sector that grants benefits to participating companies.

Tax Incentive Program

Immediate deduction

A deduction that applies to promote investments throughout the country, except in metropolitan areas and areas of influence of the Federal District, Monterrey, and Guadalajara. This deduction will apply to projects that require intensive manpower employment, are non-polluting, and do not need an intensive use of water.

Federal tax incentives for companies that do not have an established permanency in Mexico (now IMMEX)

Eligible maquiladora companies under certain conditions are granted a significant reduction on the payment of the income taxes and accelerated depreciation of their investments.

Federal Tax Credits on R+D

Eligible companies can obtain a 30% tax credit, of the total of the Research and Development (R+D) activities expenses, including processes and design.

Technological Development and Innovation Programs

Innovation Encouragement Programs

These are support programs for companies that invest in research projects, technology development, and innovation for the development of new products, processes or services.

Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (CONACYT)

International Fund

This is an International Cooperation Fund for the encouragement of scientific research and technology between Mexico and the European Union that supports projects involving joint research and construction and strengthening of investigation networks.