BAJA Trade and Investment

State Incentives

Up to 100% exemption on the payroll tax, for a 3 to 5 years period, based on the project.

30% Water Discount on Consumption: For this incentive to take place, the company must use an in-house water treatment plant to recycle and reuse water within the facility, the 30% water discount goes on your monthly bill.

20% Exemption in water connection fees: The company may receive up to a 20% exemption in the connection fee to the water and sewer system, based on the characteristics of the project and the Law's terms.

Human Resources: The State will guarantee:

  • Availability of talented workforce.
  • A stable and union-free work environment.
  • Full support in creating linkage programs with local, state, and national universities, technical and vocational schools.
  • Working together with the industry within Baja California, in order to adapt the curricula to your industry needs.
  • Assistance in recruiting personnel through the State Secretariat of Labor in collaboration with the National Employment Service.

Government Support: The State of Baja California guarantees:

  • A fast-track process with all type of procedures in the three Government levels.
  • A fast-track process for construction permits and acquisition.

Supply Chain Development: The State will guarantee:

  • Two annual events for supplier development programs.
  • Organize workshops abroad for potential supplying companies that might be interested in establishing operations in the region.
  • A guaranteed incentive package for foreign and local suppliers.