BAJA Trade and Investment


In Baja California we can find the scientific and technologic ability to capitalize the many advantages offered by biotechnology. Our state´s development is increasingly based on the generation and use of science and knowledge to overcome the economic, social, and environmental challenges.

Ensenada has several research institutions of excellency that work with biotechnology, with over 2,000 researchers, technicians, students, and professors. There are many post-graduate degrees offered for researchers´ professional training.

In Mexico, for every 1000 inhabitants there are 0.88 researchers, while in Ensenada, for every 1000 inhabitants there are 12.2 people dedicated to research, a number that has acknowledged Ensenada as the city with the highest rate of scientists per capita.

This perspective shows that Baja California, and particularly Ensenada, can be positioned as a national leader in the biotechnology industry, and become a pole of development, furthering the creation and attraction of bio-businesses with high technological and intellectual levels.

The State´s biotechnologies ecosystem is characterized for the participation of molecular diagnostic laboratories; research, development and/or production of inputs for the biotechnology, food, agricultural, and pharmaceutical industries; laboratories, hospitals, and public and private medical offices of the Health Sector, in addition to companies dedicated to the manufacture of products or services for research or diagnostic laboratories.

Within the supporting infrastructure it is worth mentioning analytic, wet, larval culture, and biotechnology laboratories, as well as experimental pilot outdoor assay platforms, ponds for experimental shrimp culture, and areas for the culture of microalgae, and bioassays, among others, that offer facilities and spaces for the best performance on the matter.

Currently, the most important research areas are marine and environmental biotechnology, natural marine products, molecular genetics and biology, bioremediation, bioprocess engineering, microbiology, aquatic biotechnology, functional nutrition, food, and aquaculture, among others.

Some established research institutes and companies