BAJA Trade and Investment


In the last 40 years, Baja California has become one of the most important regions in North and Latin America in the electronics manufacturing industry, with more than 170 companies, most of them from Asia and United States.

Some of the electronic products manufactured in Baja California are printed circuits boards, sound wave marine radars, cell phones, microchips and semiconductors by world class companies such as: Samsung, Sharp, Plantronics, Bose, among others, manufacturing over 30 millions of high-tech televisions –Flat panel screen technologies- per year.

More than 77,000 employees integrate the work force of the electronic industry. This force is highly diversified, from basic manpower to highly specialized professionals. Baja California has the best educational program in the country, leading in education level and achievement.

173 companies make up Baja’s Electronic Industry, with investments mainly from the United States and Asia. The electronic industry includes audio and video components and appliances, computer devices, software development, telecommunications and communication devices, semiconductors, electronic components for the medical, automotive and aerospace industries, among others.

There is a group of television manufacturing companies in Baja. Due to the influence of this group, the State Government created the Development Program of Display Devices in the Regional Industry in 2003. A series of benefits derived from the implementation of this program, allowing the State to maintain and overcome levels of competitiveness that characterize this industry.

There is a strong base of electronic manufacturing services companies (EMS firms) that can provide on demand assembly and manufacturing capabilities, supported by both small local firms and international corporations to suite from new product development to high scale production.

Some established companies