BAJA Trade and Investment

Information Technologies

Mexico’s IT industry is a reliable and trusted business partner to foreign companies.

Doing business with Mexico provides the business benefits that come with political stability and a defined framework that provides legal and IP protection (NAFTA). Mexico’s shared time zone enables real-time solutions and easy exchange of information between US clients and Mexico IT providers.

Its geographical proximity (to the US) reduces total expenditure in air travel and telephone communications. Nearshoring – offshoring to a border country – facilitates face-to-face meetings and facility visits, enhancing trust and peace of mind. The country’s advanced and efficient communication infrastructure ensures fast deployment of IT global delivery centers.

Mexico’s growing software and IT services development sector comprises nearly 500,000 IT professionals. The attrition rate is very low, at about 5%. 121 universities include programs educating youth about global industry requirements and close to 65,000 new IT professionals are graduating from universities or technical schools each year.

Companies wishing to establish innovative IT service operations in Mexico are eligible for incentives that may minimize their initial investment, thus reducing the TCO for operations in Mexico. Those who invest in Mexico’s technology industry get tax credits for R&D, a reduction of corporate taxes and no value-added tax for exported services.

IT firms established in Mexico can receive cash grants of up to 50% of the total cost of their project and tax credit of up to 30% of the total R&D expense.

Baja California is positioned as one of the states with highest potential in this industry. Its proximity to California and its bilingual & bicultural workforce are major advantages for the companies established here.

More than 120 IT companies have been developing diverse and specialized services and software applications. The regional ecosystem includes it@baja, the local IT cluster, as well as Technology parks such as the BIT Center and plenty of spaces focused on startups and innovation development: Mind Hub, Hub Station, etc. In Baja California we have the resources to strengthen technical and business capacities to compete at world scale.

Baja California is considered as one of the 5 states with the highest potential to develop the Information Technology industry. Support center it@baja integrate Information Technology companies in Baja California to bring up added value solutions, pursuing the country’s continuous growth through the sustained development of their suppliers, clients, contacts and members, promoting their export capacities and helping them to create the conditions that will help them achieve their goals.

The State Government provides assistance and incentive packages to reduce installation costs. Software technologies are critical for the growth and development of other clusters such as Multimedia, Internet and Biomedical, among others.

Companies in this field already operating in the State vary in sizes, including web sites and software designers, outsourcing specialist service suppliers, among others. Companies like Softtek, Hitss, IBM, Asitec, Tress, Aprovi, Grupo Red, Samsung SDI and Telvista, operate successfully in the State.

More than 12,000 high qualify employees belong to the IT industry. The Information Technology Industry is formed by highly capable professionals, engineers mainly, and 70% of them are bilingual. Baja California has the best educative system in the country, leading in schooling and achievement.

The IT main fields where the companies are working are Government Services, MFG Design, Telecommunications, Service and applications of SMB, Accounting, Taxes and Human Resource Software, Foreign Trade Applications, Video Games, Embedded Systems, Online Learning, Biometric, Logistics, Translation Software, Call Centers and BPO Services, R&D Services, CRM & ERP Solutions, Outsourcing in Software Development, among others.

Some established companies