BAJA Trade and Investment


A large proportion of Baja California´s qualified workforce participates in transformation processes of industries pertaining to branches of the traditional economic activity that support other export industries (approximately 25%), among them the manufacturing of wooden furniture, home decoration, and construction materials.

Furthermore, there are over 200 companies with more than 40 thousand employees providing materials and subcomponents to leading sectors such as electronics, aerospace industry, and medical devices industrial grouping. These companies favor the integration of local supply chains, strengthening competitiveness in the region.

Among others, the metal-mechanical industry incorporates products in processes as part of the supply chain of the automotive, aerospace, and electronic industries.

Over 140 companies (small and medium) and a manufacturing base with more than 35 thousand employees, develop manufacturing and assembly processes for metal products, treatment to metal pieces, metal extrusion, metal smelting molding, and special processes, among others.

Metal-mechanic manufacturing is based on the transformation of raw materials and the elaboration of products by means of the application of processes such as forming, stamping, and machining commonly used to shape metal pieces. Other processes like welding and assembly are used to join pieces together.

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