BAJA Trade and Investment

Public-Private Infrastructure

As a result of the promulgation of the Public-Private Associations Law for the state of Baja California (issued in 2014), the state currently presents opportunities to foster productive infrastructure projects through Public-Private Association schemes (APP's), in which under a modality of long term investment, private persons and the government allocate risks, incorporate techniques and share common resources and goals, in order to plan, build, operate and maintain long term infrastructure works, as well as to provide related services.

LEY APP 2014

This action gives reliance to investors with a wish and will to associate with the governments to increase competitiveness and position Baja California as a much more attractive destination for investments and employment generation.

The following are among the projects presented as investment opportunities:

  • Road infrastructure.
  • Bridges, airports and water supply systems.
  • Airport facilities.
  • Railway lines.
  • Electrification projects.
  • Development of energy generating alternative sources.