BAJA Trade and Investment


Baja California offers a great variety of resources and tourist attractions that place the state as one of the states with the most tourism potential in the country, highlighting its vocation and opportunities to keep nourishing and building a better tourist destination in Mexico.

Considered as one of the two main cruise destinations (by number of arrivals), with the second best connectivity area in the country (including international flights to Tokyo and Shanghai), for its immediate road access to the neighbor state of California (one of the main tourism outbound destinations in the world), and for its quality service infrastructure, Baja California presents opportunities for tourism investment, ensuring access to markets that further the feasibility of investment projects.

The Metropolitan Convention Center "Baja Convention Center" was recently inaugurated, an infrastructure that allows the state the entrance to the large scale convention, reunion, and conference tourism segment, strengthening its business oriented vocation and opening opportunities for investment in services, such as supplying, logistics, transportation, and business class hosting.

Health and wellness tourism is also a relevant sector within the state's investment opportunities, aside from the "baby boomers" generation's great potential to launch secondary residence real estate projects in the region.

For its vicinity to the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez, Baja California is considered a beach destination that offers attractive investment opportunities in the marine tourism, aside from services related to the sun and beach tourist demands, such as resorts, golf courses, beach clubs, etc. Adventure tourism, ecotourism, and film production in several locations of the state and film sets, make Baja California a land of opportunities.

The State Secretariat of Tourism informs investors through the investment furthering area, about fundamental aspects to consider by the execution of their projects, such as:

  • The public politics adopted by the state in order to further the development of new projects that boost employment generation.
  • Investment opportunities derived from the furthering of strategic projects that detonate tourist activity.
  • Regulations and procedures applicable to the type of project, presented in a practical and useful way that eases the process of starting a new company.
  • The main physical, geographical, and market features in the region.
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