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Quality of Life

The State of Baja California, as part of the Calibaja cross-border Mega-Region (California in the USA and Baja California in Mexico; visit, creates a complementary environment for healthy sociability, a condition that accentuates the quality of life of those who live here.

With over 6.5 million residents in the binational area, the Calibaja Mega-Region is a vicinity linked in economic matters, social and cultural connections, and geographically connected by the borderline. Being part of this dynamic region offers great opportunities to companies by placing them in a competitive business platform in Baja California, while enjoying cities such as San Diego in California (the finest city in the United States).

Located in a wonderful geography, Baja California offers a wide variety of natural beauties, which are a focus of attention for tourists. It has beautiful valleys, coasts, deserts, forests, archeological sites, etc.

Living and working in this region is having the best of two worlds, taking advantage of its geography as a destination, being able to experience a feeling of belonging and immediate adaptability. In this region, the multicultural diversity includes a wide spectrum of options to settle your place of residence in a region with an extraordinary quality of life, combining education, recreation and, of course, professional performance.

Our geographical diversity allows people to choose a varied and diverse lifestyle, from the conduction of activities in areas close to downtown, suburban communities or districts (delegations) that answer to people´s different interests, likings, and preferences, even enabling access to rural areas based on the attraction to the wine theme.

The cross-border condition offers a wide range of recreational possibilities that complement the options available in the state, benefiting from the main centers for employment and transportation facilities within a short distance.

Recreational centers

A wide variety of services and natural resources, as well as the strategic location of the urban centers place many recreational activities at your disposal. A vast and interesting array of attractions is found at seas, forests, valleys, deserts, and mountains.

Furthermore, the cities offer cultural activities, sports events, auto racing, biking and athletic competitions, swimming, world boxing championships, etc., as well as social centers, restaurants and private clubs for the enjoyment of foodies and fun seekers; not to mention those offered in the Southern area of the state of California in the United States.

Among these attractions are the Wine Route, food festivals, off-road racing, international sailing regattas, cultural festivals, etc.

Baja California is a great destination and a land of opportunities. You have to live it!

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