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Below we provide the results of the Population and Housing Census 2010 developed by the National Institute of Statistics, Geography and Information (INEGI) for the state of Baja California.

Resumen INEGI, Baja California Panorama Sociodemográfico de Baja California This information is a summary of relevant data of the basic demographic, social, and economic characteristics of the state’s population.


The state of Baja California has a total population of 3.155 million people [Source: the Population and Housing Census 2010 (INEGI)], with an almost equal percentage of men to women distribution and an annual growth rate of 2.4%. The average age of the population is 26, defining Baja Californian society as young in overall terms.

Municipality Head-municipality Inhabitants (year 2010)
Ensenada Ensenada 466,814
Mexicali Mexicali (Capital) 936,826
Tecate Tecate 101,079
Tijuana Tijuana 1,559,683
Playas de Rosarito Playas de Rosarito 90,668

The Baja California state population by five-year age groups reflects the strength and vitality of a young and educated population, representing the workforce focused on processes and matters of industrial competitiveness.

Five Year Age Group


Among Baja California’s population educational characteristics, it stands out that from every 100 people between 15 and 24 years of age, 98 can read and write, and over 17% of the total of people over 15 years old have some degree in higher education, showing the capability of understanding, skills and professionalization that qualified manpower offers to integrate rapidly to highly specialized productive activities.

Educational Characteristics

Economical Characteristics

Within the economical characteristics of the population of the state of Baja California, it is found that 57.9% of the economically active population (12 years of age and over) participates in economic activities, emphasizing that 95.1% is employed, contributing to the financial development of the state. The average economically active age is 36, with average schooling of 9 years.

Educational Characteristics