BAJA Trade and Investment

Strategic Location

The state of Baja California is located in the northwest of Mexico, in the northern part of the peninsula (north latitude 32° 43’ 00”- 28° 00’ 00” and west latitude 112° 48’ 20” – 117° 07’ 03”). It has a common border with the U.S.A. with a length of 253 Km., sharing boundaries with the states of California and Arizona.

Given the geographical characteristics, a business atmosphere has been generated that contributes to investment, establishing the binational Mega-Region known as Cali-Baja (San Diego and Imperial in California, United States of America/Baja California, in Mexico), which offers immediate access to North American markets as well as to global markets at the pacific coast (acting as a catalyst to emerging markets of Latin America), combining individual skills, industrial competitiveness, access to the markets, research and development and the quality of life that this region offers, resulting in unique opportunities that add value to the investors’ projects. For more information, visit

The state of Baja California is composed of five municipalities (Mexicali, Tijuana, Ensenada, Tecate, and Playas de Rosarito) extending on a surface of 71,450 km2. Four of the five municipalities are adjacent to a 1,493 Km. coastline.

The city of Mexicali is the state capital and is located in the northeast region of Baja California, bordering with Calexico, in the Imperial County in the United States of America.

Political divisions

City Surface (Km2) Municipal Capital Coordinates
Latitude (N) Longitude (W)
Ensenada 52,510 Ensenada 31° 51’ 49“ 116° 36‘ 39“
Mexicali 13,935 Mexicali 32° 39‘ 48“ 115° 28‘ 04“
Tecate 3,578 Tecate 32° 34‘ 20“ 116° 38‘ 25“
Tijuana 1,239 Tijuana 32° 32‘ 05“ 117° 02‘ 37“
Playas de Rosarito 513 Playas de Rosarito 32° 20‘ 25“ 117° 03‘ 00“

Weather Conditions

Given the geographical conditions and the different characteristics of the regions that constitute the state, the temperature and the yearly average rainfall are very variable between the state’s municipalities, a phenomenon that is caused greatly by the above sea level variations of the territory.

City Yearly Average Temperature Yearly Average
°C °F Precipitation mm Evaporation mm
Mexicali 22.61 72.70 75.50 2,176.05
Tijuana 17.60 63.70 224.90 1,363.80
Ensenada 17.13 62.80 249.60 1,317.47
Tecate 16.18 61.10 338.30 1,667.70

Condiciones Climáticas de Baja California


Location Elevation
Pico del Diablo 3,100 msnm
Sierra de San Pedro Mártir 2,800 msnm
Mesa El Roble 1,980 msnm
Cerro La Parra 1,880 msnm
Cerro La Sandía 1,810 msnm
Sierra Juárez 1,740 msnm