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Success Stories


The proximity with the United States that allows us to move from one office to another, the academic background of Technology professionals and their English language proficiency, the possibility of being able to offer products of excellency at a lower cost, and the quality of life in Baja California are among the core factors that led us to the opening of our Ensenada office.

For us, this small yet diverse and dynamic city has been the opportunity to link Mexico and the United States by offering an incubator of high-quality strategic products to our American and Mexican markets. Moreover, the State Government´s support granted through the Bit Center (where our offices are located) for our operation´s development has been very rewarding, as well as the support of the Autonomous University of Baja California, Ensenada Campus, with which we work in linkage projects with graduates from related careers.

For me, being able to continuously visit Ensenada, its vineyards, and Mediterranean cuisine has been a great experience. It is the best!

Aaron Holloway
Managing Partner, LiteKey


When it comes to the real value proposition while outsourcing IT services the bottom line is the Quality of Experience provided. In order to be really Near Shore® there has got to be a strategic location from where to deliver services in order to allow for high accessibility and smooth communication with customers. Baja California represents today to our Californian and in general west coast based customers, a very attractive destination where they have found the same world-class services that distinguish us on top of tremendous benefits such as the ability to commute back and forth from their US locations to our GDC (Global Delivery Center) in Ensenada, B.C. within the same day. The state government mindset that drives the development of the IT industry in the region been the cornerstone of the instauration for our operations in Ensenada.

Jaime Palacios
GDC Manager, Softtek

Clinical Technologies and Services Cardinal Health

If you are interested in doing business in Baja, let me tell you that you will find much more that just labor force at a competitive cost; you'll find the best strategic location and trained personnel with positive attitudes willing to learn and open to innovative creativity to acomplish world class results.

VP Manufacturing Operations
Clinical Technologies and Services Cardinal Health