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Entrepreneurial Development Policy

The Entrepreneurial Development Policy (PDE, for its acronym in Spanish) is the outcome of society´s work in coordination with the Government of the State of Baja California to trace direction and guidelines for economic development, to encourage competitiveness and innovation, and privilege productive vocations based on the development of clusters.

Política de Desarrollo Empresarial First Generation

The PDE aims to further entrepreneurial competitiveness based on economic growth, innovating to compete with the strategic guideline of articulating the Regional Ecosystem of Innovation, encouraging effective entrepreneurial participation and strengthening associative entrepreneurship.

Política de Desarrollo Empresarial Second Generation

In Baja California, the PDE is guided by the legal planning instruments of the Federal and State Governments, such as the 2013-2018 National Development Plan and the 2014-2019 State Development Plan, as well as by regional and municipal planning instruments such as the 2034 Metropolitan Strategic Plan for Tijuana-Tecate-Rosarito, the Strategic Plan for Economic Development for the Municipality of Ensenada, the 2025 Regional Development Plan for Tecate, as well as other Municipal Development Plans.

In order to guarantee their prompt instrumentation and follow-up, the PDE has a Directive-Operative System with a functional policy (with its own guidelines) to determine activities, contributions and precise procedures for the harmonization and integration of efforts from the federal, state, and municipal agencies, municipal business and labor organizations, as well as study and research centers.

This Entrepreneurial Development Policy privileges the state´s productive vocations that is those that have had a significant contribution in the State´s economy based on their participation in the state´s gross domestic product, added value, personnel employed, and gross census added value, that additionally showed an outstanding (faster) growth when compared with the national average.

As a result, the Law for the Advancement of Competitiveness and Economic Development for the state of Baja California was created to lay down with clarity and transparency the incentives granted by the State Government to promote the establishment of companies, guiding investments in accordance with the branches of economic activity that are of interest to the entity.

Ley de Fomento a la Competitividad y Desarrollo Económico

The strategic areas of development, the key strategies, and the support strategies are referenced in this Entrepreneurial Development Policy. The first refer to the branches of economic activity where the state´s productive vocations match with high potential sectors; the second are oriented to aspects of infrastructure and development of human capital, while the latter refer to institutional resources and the adjustments to the regulatory framework necessary for the strategic areas of development.