BAJA Trade and Investment

Industrial Structure

There is currently a tendency directly oriented to the intensification of production processes based on state-of-the-art technology. The economic relationship with the United States and the presence of Foreign Investments allow for new production processes.

Through the Entrepreneurial Development Policy, our State´s private sector has a clear vision of the activities that shall be conducted in order to further various areas of Baja California.

The State Government has implemented specific strategies to promote the integration of productive chains by means of programs for the development of suppliers, aiming to generate a greater impact on the value chain of the different productive processes of companies located in the region.

The private sector in Baja California is in transition, from the manufacturing of generic products, basic packaging and assembling, for the creation of value added processes such as manufacturing, research and development of strategic products, as well as their distribution, service and logistics.

Baja California is a strategic place for the creation of clusters and state-of-the-art technology processes; therefore the main clusters based on the State´s Entrepreneurial Development Policy are located here. The Secretariat of Economic Development seeks to maintain and attract growing companies of pharmaceutical products, auto parts, specialized electronic devices, and aerospace products, as well as developing industries such as semiconductors and biotechnology, and other industries or activities like mining, energy, tourism, agribusiness, and aquaculture, among others.

The following chart presents the main clusters in Baja California. Many companies manufacture their products within these sectors.

Principales Clusters desarrollados en BC